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MNAAP Newsletter

Coverage, Coding and Billing for Pediatric Obesity Services

By Jessica Larson, MD, Co-Chair of MNAAP’s Pediatric Obesity Work Group and Pediatrician at Fairview Clinic in Elk River; Russ Kuzel, MD, Senior VP and CMO at UCare; and Megan Ellingson, MHA, Consultant to the Minneapolis Health Department

In 2012 the Minnesota Partnership on Pediatric Obesity Care and Coverage (MPPOCC) set out to better understand clinics’ experiences obtaining reimbursement for pediatric obesity services, and to provide guidance on best practices and coverage.

Led by MNAAP and the Minnesota Council of Health Plans, this group is dedicated to improving pediatric obesity care and coverage by identifying effective referral pathways and advocating for reimbursement for necessary, evidence-based services.

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