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Award Recipients

Parent Award WinnersStacey Nugent, Korissa Olson, Paula and Andrea Bastian Receive the 2014 Newborn Screening (NBS) Parent Advocate Award

Understanding the significance of a robust newborn screening program, these individuals boldly shared their stories with House and Senate committees, the media, and anyone else who would listen. Ms. Nugent was shocked to learn that her 2-year-old daughter’s test results had been destroyed shortly after she died from SUDS. At the urging of privacy extremists, Ms. Olson nearly declined newborn screening for her son Everett, who was later diagnosed with a life-threatening disorder. Newborn screening detected PKU in Ms. Andrea Bastian, who is now a healthy adult with a bright future ahead. She and her mother are vocal supporters of newborn screening. The bill passed, in large part, because they courageously stepped forward to speak on behalf of thousands of other families in the state.

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